Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Of Life & Death

It's been a funny old week so far.
A death in the family and it throws everything into or out of perspective. At the moment it's hard to decide which.
When you see someone alive one day and dead the next, do you not wonder where all that energy went? It truly is the strangest thing. And why is time a healer? When we get further down the line and grief is less, what has actually happened? Would we all be better people if we could get to that point without waiting weeks, months or even years?
One thing is sure, events like this affect the way in which I paint.....see right.
I frequently get asked to donate art for charity events. I have never declined but I am having a rethink after discovering that a painting which I was asked to do specifically for an event was "given away" for one pound. Ouch!
At the same time as finding this out, I have just been asked to donate a piece for a hospice.
How can I say "no"?