Tuesday, 24 March 2009

New Figurative Art

The first part of 2009 has been quite a strange one for me : a few false starts and meanderings.

During February when I succummed to "man flu" I tried really hard to not get frustrated at not being able to get to the studio and paint. When I eventually returned it felt really different. It's hard to explain but as I said elsewhere in the blog, I have had the feeling that I am learning to paint all over again.

I have been working on some new pieces recently for various upcoming shows and to support the galleries who carry my artwork on a regular basis. It has been encouraging this week to have a strong, favourable reaction to this piece from various sources including other artists and gallery owners. He is not completed yet but shows the direction in which the new work is progressing.

The sad news today is that my "old faithful" brush which has painted many a Kiltie finally bit the dust. He just doesn't have another painting left in him. I plan to honour him by placing a photograph of him here soon!