Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A day of all-sorts today and a day when I am switching between oil and acrylic.

You don't want to get them mixed up - believe me. I can get so absorbed in painting that I get completely carried away and it has not been unknown for me to dip my paintbrush in my cup of volvic or tea. I was speaking to some other artists today and apparently this is quite a common phenomenon amongst painters.

Also, you heard it here first, it looks like I will be having an exhibition of work at the SAS Raddisson Hotel in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Fringe and Festival this year.

Edinburgh is a stunning City and you won't often hear someone who lives in Glasgow saying that. The rivalry can be quite fierce. I worked there for 11 years and have not been back nearly enough so it will be good to have my art on display in a city with whom I have a history.

This new female art is in progress but I quite like her the way she is. Tomorrow will tell...