Saturday, 11 December 2010

Not Kate Bush Art

Every now and again my painting takes an obvious change of direction. This has happened recently and I am working on a new series of female paintings which I am really excited about.

To be honest, if I didn't get excited about painting, I really don't think that I would continue to do it.

These new paintings are being worked on inbetween finishing off some commissioned paintings. The one shown left, is not completed. It actually started off based on a photograph of Kate Bush and I have developed it, keeping the pose as I worked on the canvas.

When I am enjoying painting as much as this there is a real excitement about heading to the studio in the morning and I pinch myself that this is now a hguge part of my life and the days of sitting at an office desk are merely a memory.

The painting shown with the working title of "Flower Girl" is approx 19 x 25 inches and is painted in oil. Please check the main Joe Hendry website for the finished piece in due course.