Thursday, 5 September 2013

Art Therapy 2

On A Lighter Note

Art Therapy - Watercolours!
On a lighter note to the previous post, this week I found some old watercolours whilst tidying out my studio for the upcoming WASPS Open Studios weekend at the start of October.

These were simple little paintigns which I had created some 12 years ago whilst on holiday in Puerto Pollensa in Majorca. I love Puerto Pollensa- it is far removed from the "brits Abroad" type places and in addition to being very quaint has fantastic restaurants. I am sure I came back home about two stone heavier.

At that time, I was working in Interior Design. Many people don't understand Interior Design. They think it's about fluffy cushions and Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen. I was designing offices - lots of them! Tight deadlines, driving all over the country, managing people and fighting to win business with colleagues in a fiercly competitive market. I loved it but it was very stressful. I used to take a small plein air painting kit with me and painted wherever I went and I did it to relax. It was definitely a form of art therapy for me back then. Painting landscapes was something I loved and I never thought at the time I would look back on these little paintings so fondly.

Recently, in addition to my large scale pieces which can be fairly expensive, I have been trying to make more affordable art for people. Thsi is especially good for events liek Open Studios. not everyone can afford to spend over a grand on a painting but many people will buy an original if it is under one hundred pounds. Key to this is framing.

Traditionally, I buy the best hand-made frames I can afford and i think that this is important for large oil paintings for exapmle that I may have spent months on. When it comes to smaller pieces and sketches, I have relaxed a bit here and I have found some lovely little box frames which are glazed and have a mount. Theyy are ideal for displaying these watercolours :-

 See the difference?

So, in amongst commissions I am currently framing up small pieces for the Open Studios event - prices yet to be decided but they are likely to be around the cost of a meal in a half-decent restaurant for two - and they will last much longer :-)