Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Post Open Studios Post

Open Studios at WASPS is over for another year.

If you read my last post, which I had quite a few emails about, then all my predictions came true. The usual artists behaving badly and artists without a clue. thank heavens for the visitors!

On the subject of visitors, the number of visitors seemed to be down. There were several big events in Glasgow City Centre that weekend including a marathon and a notable football match. We heard that several people intending to come couldn't make it through the traffic.

I felt very supported with a great turn-out from people I had invited. It really is appreciated - thanks again to those of you who battled the traffic.

Feedback this year was very positive. I know that in the end, we do put on a great event. I managed to get a little time away from my studio and there are some new artists in the building up to some really interesting things which is great to see.

I shot myself in the foot at one point when a gentleman who was scrutinising my small landscpaes rather closely asked "have you considered the RGI?" I replied with "Oh, I can't be bothered with all that art-snobbery". He as speachless and made a hasty retreat much to the amusement of other visitors. "I think you hit a raw nerve there" said another chap. I think I did , and I didn't really mean it. I had heard that the EGI were considering a "failures" exhibition a couple of years ago to show all the art that didn't make it into their annual open show and if that's true, then I think it sums up a lot that can be bad in the art world.

The truth about my comment though is that it was just a throw-away quip. I tend not to approach the likes of the RGI. It's a confidence thing with me and I still think of myself as quite a new artist as I onlty became pro later in life. A couple of years a go I saw a series of postcard sized landscapes by RGI members at the Southside Festival in Glasgow and they were amongst the most beautiful small pieces of artwork I have seen so I hope the gent I offended forgives me.

Since Open Studios I have been working away on new pieces, including the one shown above. I have tried to take a slightly different approach to things (not just art) recently and I am enjoying the new leaf I have turned over. I'm hoping this continues as I develop new work and I am already working on pieces for some upcoming exhibitions.