Tuesday, 5 November 2013

To Russia With Love

To Russia With Love came about after I watched a Stephen Fry documentary recently. Stephen was interviewing some Russian Minister about the new anti-gay laws when this man rather incredibly started to talk about angels falling from heaven.

My painting, above, is of Tatiana, one of the murdered Romanov daughters, dressed in what is I believe, her Red Cross uniform, offering some healing to a nation gone crazy.

It's an interesting theme for me to explore. I have been watching American politics over the past few years and the new heights of crazy are just unbelievable. Ron Paul, who could have been Vice President has been discussing the rights of rapists to sue their victims if they decide to terminate and I also recently watched the documentary on Sarah Palin "You Betcha". The woman is a fruit loop.

How do these people get into power?

Whilst I believe that people have the right to follow any faith they may choose, I am an advocate of keeping religion and state separate. The fact that people such as Anne Widdicombe in the UK ask their "God" for guidance scares me. I want them to use their brain for decision making, not turn to a deity for advice.

I could go on. I have had some interesting debates relating to this subject on Facebook and whilst I am always interested in hearing the point of view of others, there comes a point when it should be acceptable to say "enough".

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