Saturday, 29 March 2008

Beatles and Kilties

Glasgow Artist Joe Hendry & John Damari with Tom Murray

A Huge thank you to everyone who turned up to the event at the City Inn, Glasgow on Thursday night. 
Although I really enjoy conversing with people via email, I really love events like this because I get to meet people who love art and have face-to-face chats.

The event saw the launch of my first limited edition print and the second release of Tom Murray’s Beatles photographs.

Above is a shot taken by the press showing, Joe Hendry, John Damari (John also now has prints available) and Tom Murray.

Tom is larger than life and his stories of going to the cinema with Princess Margaret among others, had several of us in tears. It really was fantastic to meet such an interesting man who brings an element of quality to the celebrity art world. 

 A huge thank you to Park Gallery Glasgow who organised this artistic evening.