Saturday, 26 April 2008

Free IQ Test Score - Free IQ Test

Ok, so Saturday morning and I took an IQ test. 120, that's a disgrace: I expected at least 130! It's definately a dulling of the senses from the bottle of plonk last night.

What an insidious marketing tool this is. To get your results you give them your date of birth and then at the end they ask your address, phone number and the colour of your knickers!

What a cheek....I lied of course.

No painting today. Off to continue clearing the house of a dearly departed. It is a truly odd thing to do. I feel like I am an accomplice in erasing someone's life. After this the only trace of them will be in old photos and in the minds of those of us who remember them. You truly do become a ghost when you die.

Happy Saturday!