Thursday, 24 April 2008

Good People and Bad Things

What a weird time it is at the moment. I don't know about you but there are all sorts of strange things around.
We have just had the second bereavement in two weeks in our family and it cuts me to the core watching those closest to the person who died. I spent my birthday in a room with the body for seven hours. It sounds shocking but it was a privelage in a way to be there. The best part was that the lights kept flickering: I like to think it was a goodbye message.
Today I visited a business contact who I think of more of as a friend. He was quite down because the market art-wise is fairly flat. i blame the media. Credit Crunch? Invest in some original art....that's what I say! Anyway, it affected me to see someone who is one of lifes decent guys on a downer. Cliches are so true: why do rotten things happen to good people? Anyway, I know he reads this now and again and just in case he does I want to remind him of all the fantastic, positive things he has done in his life and say, "don't stay down there for too long".
In the studio I wanted to paint something simple, harmonious and full of feeling. "To Have and To Hold" is the results and whilst the art-snobs might have something to say, I say, "I don't care!" and I loved every second of painting it.
How's Life where you are?