Friday, 18 April 2008

Nude ladies in mid-flight

So, another week comes to an end, I find myself asking "where did it go"?

Not only that but being an Aries with the cusp and my birthday fast approaching the passing of time (and people!) have been uppermost in my mind for some reason.

Do you ever feel like you need to cram more in before it's all over?

I am working on a commission for a customer at the moment. It's an oil painting called "Dream Girl" . Working in oil is a slow, relaxing process for me and each day I add a little to the artwork. In between working on this and some other art this week I have taken the same source image and had a play around in acrylic. The two paintings are currently in the studio and it has almost been like a left brain v right brain competition working like this.

Anyway, off to start the weekend and celebrate getting deeper into my forties.....have a good weekend wherever you are.