Monday, 21 April 2008

Big Brother and all that

Today I installed a web cam in the studio.

It's very basic but if people seem interested then I will upgrade it to a better quality one. People seem very interested in the method of painting and I feel incredibly shy and awkward at the thought of painting in front of a group of real live human beings. For some reason, though, having the whole of the internet peeking at me through a tiny lens somehow seemed ok.

We will see how it goes.

I had popped into PC World yesterday to check out cams before deciding to use my old one which I bough to keep in touch with my daughter (that lasted about a week - it was too much hassle and so much easier to talk on the phone). Things have moved forward at quite a pace. A fellow browser in the shop asked me if I knew much about them. "no I replied: why don't you ask an assistant?". He seemed very reluctant to do this and asked me again. He then announce that he wasn't using it for anything "dodgy" and that it was to keep in touch with his son wh was moving to Australia.

After repeating this a second time I began to wonder where he had left his overcoat :-)

Anyway, if you pass by my website please drop by the cam page and say "hi".