Friday, 4 April 2008

Sweet Dreams...of sofas

It's been a really weird week.

For one reason or another I have not made it to the studio to paint nearly as much as I would have liked. Also this wee, I have found myself sleeping a lot: and dreaming.

Dreams are fantastic because sometimes they give you ideas for paintings. Once, I even got an idea for a story in a dream that I entered into a competition. Not that it got anywhere.

Then there's that weird half/sleep/ half awake period where you are more thinking than dreaming. It was during one of these such phases I had some really odd but interesting thoughts. Most of us can instantly identify with a time in our lives by hearing a piece of music we love. Just hear it and you are transported back, you know what age you were etc. Well, try it with sofas.

Honestly. In my semiconsciousness I saw all the sofas of my life pass before me. There was the red leather (or was it leather effect) one that I just remember, then the black leather one which was even better because it had two matching swivel armchairs (well it was the 70's!). Then its the blue one with the wooden frame which is the sofa of my teenage years, through a kind of brown velour (yuk) to a proud moment. When you leave the parental sofa and get your own.

Now the first one was nothing to be proud of. A sponge sofa-bed affair which compressed until you were about 3 inches from the floor in the space of watching Top Gear. This was followed by my first proper NEW sofa. The memory of this which came flooding back was arriving at hospital with my wife at the time telling the Sister "My wife's waters have broken". I stifled her bark of "and how would you know that" by telling her I had the soaking wet sofa to prove it.

And to taday and my anonymous cream affairs which are about to move with me again. Can they stand another house move? Can I?

Time will tell. More art chat next week,