Saturday, 3 May 2008

Art de Caf

Another funeral this week, the second in as many weeks.

Rather than be morbid after what has been a fairly rough ride, we thougt we would head into town and celebrate the life of the dearly departed rather than be mopy.

As some of you might know, I love Glasgow City Centre.....but then I love most cities. I am not the most travelled person in the world but I love London, Amstedam, Cologne, Barcelona and for someone who lives in Glasgow, I even love Edinburgh! The thing I love most about Glasgow is that it really is not "up it's own arse".

This was bourne out yesterday when some friends and I headed to Art de Caf, a relatively new bar in the Merchant City which sells decent bottled beers, wine and serves fantastic food in a great atmosphere (with art on the walls!) It's one of these places that, apart from the Scottish weather outside, allows you to escape for a while.

One of my friends who is currently visiting from Manchester loves Red Bull and Vodka. They didn't have it in Art de Caf and I thought for a moment that would be it. No snooty attitude and no dismissive glances, one of the owners, threw on a jacket and disappeared to a local Tesco to buy some in. Things like that impress me for a bar with sophisticated air.

Thinking I wouldn't be the odd one out, I joined the Red Bull drinkers. It might give some people wings but it gave me the hangover form hell and the face of an 80 year old.

Remember....consume alcohol sensibly :-)