Monday, 26 May 2008

Glasgow Culture

It was a weekend of polar opposites here in Glasgow. At one point I witnessed the usual drunks, collapsed in the street. I know that it's not just Glasgow but it really annoys me as it just adds to the old reputation of the city. I hate to say it, but at times it does seem deserved. What is the most frustrating is that after the "ill" man in question was attended to by no less than two police cars and an ambulance, he appeared to have a miracle recovery. A waste of resource: I think he should be sent a bill, but then that would probably be too simple.
Glasgow Council are truly guilty of allowing people to behave badly and not be held responsible. Got lots of rubbish to get rid of? Live in Glasgow? Just dump it in the street! No problem. After a week of kids throwing it around some poor council employee will turn up and clear the whole thing up! Even better, they will spend hundreds of thousands of pounds manufacturing and placing signage warning of 20K fines and on creating and maning phone lines....just to do nothing when something actually happens.
Enough of the rant, one of the things that the Council have done well in Glasgow is it's maintenance of public "art" for want of a better term and the free access to museums on galleries. After witnessing the collapsed drunk I fought my way through several thousand football fans heading for a testimonial match for a quiet trip to the Peoples Palace and then into town.
I have never really had a good look at the fountain outside the Peoples Palace but it really is superb. The plaque states that it is the largest and best remaining example of a teracotta fountain worldwide. I then had a look at what was the Templeton Carpet factory. I often hear that it is based on Doges Palace in Venice. Ok, so it's the Glasgow version but it still is a fantastic piece of architecture.
Before heading for a couple of beers in Art De Caf, I happened past my favourite, The Duke of Wellington at Royal Exchange Square and I was delighted to see after almost 3 months, he had his "hat" back on! Time for another photo to add to my collection.....