Thursday, 22 May 2008

Gleneagles Hotel and more Legs

Today was one of those "great to be alive days".

Just over four years ago I was stressed out of my face with multiple deadlines, trying to please an equally stressed-out boss and close to reaching burnout. At that time, I remember sitting at my desk early one morning and thinking of all the things I didn't want in that crazy, multiple deadline but no time to do it, arrive early/leave late work, work, work life.

I also remember that I allowed myself to consider for once, what I WOULD like. What I thought of was to paint for a living. To be my own boss and to enjoy a slower pace. As the "burnout" has subsided over the past four years, I now find myself with exactly this. I started to recognise this about a year ago which is why my first major solo exhibition was called "living the dream".

Today I had a genuine smile on my face as I was finishing work for another deadline: an exhibition this weekend at the Gleneagles Hotel. Now that's the kind of deadline I could get used to.

What's your dream?