Friday, 11 July 2008

Exposing Myself

Just to show how things develop I thought I would post this work-in-progress to show how wrong it is before it goes right. Halfway through many pieces, it looks as if I am painting a look-a-like. Don't worry though, it usually all clicks into place. I am really pleased with the way this one is going even though the likeness is not quite there yet. I will post the finished piece when she looks like Marilyn.

It's been a week when I have had long stretches in the studio. I don't think that working long periods on my own can be good for me. I am just watching out for the day when I answer the radio back. Chatting to a couple of other artists this week we concluded that some of the artists in the studios who have been working on their own for 20 years plus definately show similar symptoms. The inabilty to look another human being in the eyes or even say "good morning". I think this condition needs to be named.....what do you think? "Studio Fever" ?