Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year.....

...to you.

After a break of two weeks, I really could not wait to get back into the studio this week. It always feels strange returning after being away for a while.

So how was Cristmas for you? It can be a lovely time of the year if your kids are young. Otherwise I am beginning to find myself asking why do we bother? This year, I heard of several deaths, a suicide and just about everyone I know having flu. My sister summed it up for me when she told me how she witnessed a blind woman in M & S trying to buy a turkey at about 8.30 am whilst being buffeted by those round about her.

Anyway, in a mood determined to not be affected by it all I continued work this week on a new piece, a portrait of outstanding Scots actor Alan Cumming. This has been an antidote to all the Christmas and New year nonsense as he has one of those faces that just make you want to smile. He may very well be headed for the McTear's Scottish Contemporary Art auction which I am delighted to have been asked to participate in again.

Finally for now, I decided to have a pretty spectacular January sale, thinking, "what the heck" I substantially reduced prices for subscribers. This was for several reasons: one of them was that I had received several emails asking me when i would be having an offer as I had not done so for quite some time. Now I am getting emails asking me if I am about to do a Woolworths and go bust! So, thank you for your concern, it does mean a lot and I am actually selling art in various galleries and online very well at the moment. The sale was a genuine attempt to give something back to those who have supported me over the past few years and who have taken an interest in my art.

Hopefully I will still be here to rant about Christmas again next year....