Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Art De Caf

After having a rotten 'flu for nearly 2 weeks I ventured out for the first time on Sunday and treated myself to a couple of beers. What a treat when I dropped in to ArtDeCaf in Glasgow's Brunswick Street to find that the gallery end of the bar had been taken over by Scottish Festival Strings. Without getting all poetic, I have to say that they were incredible to listen to. I couldn't resist telling the Cellist that I thought she and the guy on the flute were particularly good. For a posh bird she took it quite well but couldn't resist informing me that it was a Cello & Clarinet. I did know...honest! They even made "My Heart Still Goes On" sound good. Apologies for the sideways video but what do you expect after 3 beers and a Lemsip?

It was back to the studio again this week and it's amazing after a break that I feel like I am learning to paint again. I really do feel that a style is developing in my work. I have been trying to allow this to happen naturally rather than force. it. The piece above currently under the working title of "Corset" is one such piece of art and I am really excited about the way in which is progressing.

More new art soon, and if you get a chance, pop along to ArtDeCaf (now Braewell Galleries), they even have the odd Hendry on display now and again....