Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Serious Art Of Painting

Today I thought I had better get to the studio and get on with it.

I have had to do this more and more just to get artwork completed and I am working on some very interesting projects at the moment.

I didn't account for fellow WAPS artist Gillian Orr appearing at the studio doorcomplete with wigs. These, I found out belong to Joe O'Brien. If you have not heard of Joe, chances are that you will soon. He is an outstanding painter and it is amazing how almost every character in his paintings is based on himself. Today I learned that the wigs and hats are for creating characters to paint and the thought of Joe looking in the mirror painting a canvas whilst looking at himself in the mirror with pigtails on was just too much.

These are blurred because we could haedly push the camera button for laughing.

So cheers Gill and thansk for the loan of the headwear Joe, it brightened up a serious days painting no end....not that day painting really needs brightened up now does it?