Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Michael Jackson Celebrity Painting

If you know my artwork then you will know that I like to paint celebrities.

Early on in my painting career I was fortunate enough to be icluded in the books Marilyn In Art and Diana In Art . I was recently approaced and invited to contribute to a possible forthcoming publication, Michael Jackson In Art.

Like many other people, I was quite shocked when I heard that MJ had died. It will be interesting to hear the truth of the circumstances, if the truth is ever actually revealed.

So, my painting is underway and I have chosen to paint Micheal Jackson from a period when he was, I believe, healthier. It is interesting that everyone seems to have an opinion about him and what he may or may not have done but it's also interesting to see that all this is forgotten when you see him perform.

I intend for this celebrity painting to be a celebration of that aspect of his life.