Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Braewell Galleries & Goddess Art

Update - Please note that I am no longer represented by Braewell Galleries and will not be working with Braewell in the future. I am happy to discuss my dreadful experience with Braewell privately with other Artists or art buyers but will not go into detail on this public forum.

Well here she is again in her latest form. I have worked on this painting  for the Hawke & Hunter exhibition in Edinburgh  for quite some considerable time now (see below) and the face has gone a subtle transformation whilst "stars" have appeared and more foliage at the bottom of the artwork. In addition to other recent influences I have also been looking skyward and become more interested in astronomy.

I am almost at the stage where all that is required is a signature.

The exhibition is now just over a week away. There are several other Braewell Gallery artists exhibiting including Frank To, Joe O'Brien and Elena Kourenkova.