Friday, 5 March 2010

Braewell & Klimt Art Obsession

 Braewell Galleries: Please note that I no longer work with Braewell Galleries or have anything to do with them.

I have not written here in some time, perhaps mainly as there is an additional art Blog on the main website now.

I currently appear to be stockpiling art in the studio which is a frustrating thing that most artists go theough in the run up to a show. At present the exhibition is looking like 25 paintings an dseveral of them have a distinct "Klimt" feel to them. The exhibition is with Braewell Galleries.

I was very wary of this because of the whole "gold" aspect but there was no other way to pay proper tribute.

I do hope you approve.

In between getting things ready for Braewell, ther has been a lot of rushing about including taking paintings to Edinburgh. It's great to get some time out of the studio as, on return, artwork in progress can bve viewed with slightly different eyes.