Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Braewell Galleries & Klimt Females

 Braewell Galleries: Please note that I no longer work with Braewell Galleries nor do I have anything to do with them.

Original Post Follows:-

The painting has been continuing and so too has the Klimt influence.

I have been studying other painters in addition to Klimt recently , all in the lead up to my solo art exhibition at Braewell Galleries (it is being held now at the Glasgow Art Centre). This piece seems to a slight Tamara De Lempika look, although that is not intentional.

I am certainly not trying to run through a history of artists in my current art but I feel that I need to keep developing this at the moment and seeing where it takes me.

It can't do any harm, can it?

UPDATE. For full details of the Braewell Galleries Exhibition and it's subsequent cancellation, please see the art blog on my main website.