Tuesday, 23 September 2008

No Art Activity?

I've received some emails recently asking if I am ok.

Thanks for your concern and apologies for the lack of activity on the website.

I guess this looks like the calm before the storm....I am still painting, in fact between August and December this tear I have no less than nine events. As I have been working on pieces exclusively for these, I have not been uploading them to the website. That will begin to change now as some of the exhibitions take place.

To the right is a new oil piece which I am working on for the "Boys & Girls" (working title) exhibition at the Park Gallery in Glasgow. The preview is on the 23rd October. Please feel free to drop in and say hello that evening.

I am working on a diverse range of canvases at the moment and tonight I have uploaded a couple of new pieces to the current art gallery.

Also, I have just returned from a weeks rest in Barcelona. After a flurry of late nights trying to complete paintings, it was good to get away. What was not so good was that I flew with Globespan, who changed the flight from 8pm to 3 in the morning the next day. Add to that the fact that they hadn't kept my booked extra leg room seats and I just about needed another break to recover from the flight.

Oh to travel Club Class :-)