Friday, 17 October 2008

Boy's Just Want To Have Fun

Last night I had a break from painting frantically, trying to complete pieces for next weeks solo show at Park Gallery and went with an old friend to see Cyndi Lauper at the Carling Academy in Glasgow.

Let me firstly say that I have never really been a fan of "Girl's Just Want To Have Fun" but I really do love some of Cyndi's other work. Anyway, it was a fab gig apart from the sound quality being lousy for the first 15 minutes, the guy in front who kept flicking his greasy hair into my face and the "security" staff.

My friend, who is in her mid 50's was shoved by one of thesecurity "ladies" but wasn't going to let her away with it: she advised her that she was not drunk, was a "mature lady" and was not going to accept being treated in that way. Way to go! Said security people then spoke loadly all through "True Colours". Get another job I say.

As for the greasy hair -flicker....well that's what I get for going up to the front. It was hardly a mosh-pit but definately where you go for a better time! I know I should really grow up a bit and go to the back with the people my own age.....but I point blank refuse!

As for the leg painting, it's a kind of tribute to the night. (My "stripey legs" painting was created after seeing Goldfrapp perform.)

Below is a great clip of Cyndi in Manchester, cool lady :-)