Sunday, 23 November 2008

Art In The News

Well, I made the Sunday papers again! That's twice this year so I must be doing something right.

I took part in the Scottish Contemporary Art sale which was an auction in Glasgow on 22nd November. When I was first asked to take part in this event I thought someone was winding me up as the other artistsinvolved were very well established compared to my 4 years and there were also two of my college lecturers exhibiting.

The event it'self was exciting - I think auction attendance could easily become addictive! What has struck me over the past while has been a considerable amount of negativity surrounding this event. I have been criticised by other artists for taking part and also for the content of some of my work. I am glad that I have not let this bother me too much: there is enough negativity around at the moment.

The press article was reporting the downturn in the market and like other markets, it obviously is there. I am delighted that I did well at the auction and it seems an appropriate point to say "thanks" to everyone not only who bid, and bought, but to all of you who have supported my career over the past few years and that includes gallery owners, customers and people who have taken the time to write me supportive emails.

Anyway, enough of the "sentimentals", can I go for a beer now? :-)