Friday, 17 April 2009

Art, Painting and Life in General

Another Friday comes around and I wonder where the time has gone.

If you follow the news page you will know that this is the calm before the storm for me as I have a lot coming up in June and July. I have to say though, I am having a thoroughly fantastic time working on a variety of new work.

The studios where I work house about 50 artists. Lots of different people with different opinions. Recently discussed was a competition, entered by several artists and it seems that the outcome was almost a foregone conclusion. Painters, apparently had no chance and this particular art competition was always going to be won by someone who would place a bath full of mud in a room or leave their unmade bed for all to see.

A theory that I heard recently is that art tutors are teaching students this type of art in order that they can get on with selling their own paintings with less that's art!

I find some of this work interesting but you usually need the artist on hand to explain the piece. As such I have no problem with it but I hav notice a tendency so far (and it's only my experience) for certain types to look down on others. I just see it as people esteeming themselves in a different way.

It just makes me want to paint Marilyn and Elvis what do you think of my new Marilyn?