Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Elvis Art, Easter and Ultravox...

What a bizarre Easter weekend it's been.

No rolling eggs for me but it all started off whith a bizarre incident on Friday night in Glasgow City Centre and the rest of the weekend bore a strange resemblance to Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Saturday night saw me attend the Ultravox reunion tour at the Armadillo in Glasgow. First time I had seen them since 1984 and it was the strangest but most enjoyable gig. Recapturing your youth amongst a sea of bald Uvox fans was on bettered by deciding to go into the studio on Easter Monday and continue working on a big Elvis canvas I started a while back.

Elvis. Big brushes, big fun and one for the art snobs....the next time someone tells me that I "shouldn't paint Marilyn at this stage in my career" I think will definately deserve a poke in the eye.

So how was your Easter?