Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tree Paintings

Today was one of those days when it was good to get out for a run in the car and just wander about with the camera. I never quite know what you will find worth shooting but it is usually a worthwhile creative process.

Today the thing that struck me was just how into trees I am. I have painted trees quite a few times but today I noticed just how dramatic they are in the landscape. I drove around some areas that I used to cycle as a kid and it was quite shocking to see the amount of wind farms that seem to have grown out of nowhere so suddenly. It's the first time I have really understood why people get so upset about them ruining the landscape.

When I got home I happened to catch the tail end of a documentary on the rescue of Orangutangs in Borneo. "Why all the fuss?" I initially asked in ignorance. This seemed like quite a major operation and it turns out that these amazing animals could become extinct and in Borneo they are being systematically wiped out. The reason for this is that the trees they live in and that they eat are being destroyed and replaced by Oil Palms, which can't sustain them.

So more Tree Art soon and if you want to help the Orangutangs, you can do so here This painting when finished will be heading to Park Gallery, Glasgow