Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Artwork In Progress

I sometimes go through meandering journeys whilst painting and tie-ing this in with the emails which I am very grateful to receive asking about my art, I have created an "art in progress" page on my website.

Some artist whom I know don't like to let people see unfinished work and I understand this. It's a personal thing and after my recent painting demonstration in Glasgow, I can see why some artists' avoid it, as enjoyable as it was.

So, you can click the link above and read my ramblings on the three month journey of the lady to your right.

And you know what, I still don't think she's finished.
UPDATE: As a result of the feedback and emails which I have received about showing paintings in prodress, I am now including them regularly on the main Joe Hendry website. It seems that art lovers are genuinely interested in how a painting develops. You can see how the painting shown was completed - View Completed Female Painting  As you will see, the finished artwork is entirely different from how this figurative female artwork started out