Monday, 20 September 2010

Original Landscape Paintings

Almost a whole summer gone by and I have hardly written.
Well, quite a relaxed summer it has been and lots of painting. I seem to have had a month of figurative painting, when I really rediscovered oils and then it was original landscape painting time. 

Not all work though. I managed to get away one hot day and see the Glasgow Boys Exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. A world-class exhibition, it really made me rethink some of my approaches to painting. As mush as the figurative work at the exhibition, it was the emotion in the landscape painting which also hit me right between the eyes. I love the painting of another Glasgow artist, Joan Eardley and I never seem to have the courage to paint that way, but some of the techniques of the Glasgow Boys , I think I don't need quite the same level of bravery for.

Above, is a new landscape in oil which I am currently working on, featuring a favourite tree of mine, some texture and hopefully a bit of passion. The finished artwork will be available to view on the main website soon.